Tangerine Industries

Interactive Director,
Creative Thinker.


  • Corey Snyder
  • 6226 Wild Swan Way
    Columbia, MD 21045
  • 443.538.2305

15 years experience designing and developing innovative digital products for prominent high-profile companies, campaigns, organizations, and individuals. I enjoy solving problems with creative and intuitive solutions and systems to enhance user satisfaction. Using elements of interaction design, information architecture, and user research to improve usability, accessibility, and enjoyment provided through the interaction with the product. Additionally, I help others to seek their best potential through teaching and online community contributions.

  • My wonderful wife Julie and I together have a 2-year-old son, Colton.
  • My other creative outlets are low-fi hobbies in sewing and leather work, check out my Instagram.
  • Founding member of Zurb Foundation Front-End Development Team, affectionately called the Yetinauts, supporting the core Foundation team through direct write access to the codebase.
  • I am also the author of the very popular JS Sticky Footer, and Foundation Grid Balancer plug-ins.
UX/UI Design & Development, Interaction Design, Vanilla JS, jQuery, CSS, HTML5, Foundation, FarCry, Coldfusion, InVision, Adobe Creative Suite

2016 & 2014 Webby Award;
Websites, Family / Parenting

2012 Webby Award;
Online Film and Video, Events & Live Webcasts

2008 Emmy Award;
Advanced Media Animator, Motion Graphics Designer

Mutation Observers automatically detect changes to your components. No more manually reflowing elements to trigger changes in things like reveal modals, sticky bars, equalizer, and more. Thanks to Corey Snyder for putting this one together. Zurb 2016 - Foundation 6.3 Brings Mutation Observers Out Of The Shadows
The big challenge: dropdowns that weren't behaving like they were supposed to, breaking out of the page boundaries. After weeks of going through multiple iterations with the different attempts, a hero emerged: Corey Snyder, who submitted a pull request with a great solution. Zurb 2014 - A Growing Foundation Family: Foundation for Sites 5.5 is Here
…it allowed us to create our coolest feature, the car signature. The user can sign their designed Pepsi Fantasy Racing Car with their name, giving it a very personalized feel. Zend Developer Zone 2007 - Flash and PHP in On-Line Gaming

2010 – Present

Interactive Director — Connections Media LLC.

UX and Interaction Design, UI Integration, Front-end Engineering, CMS and Information Architect.

  • Takes a lead role in the research, development, and creation of UI designs and patterns for websites and digital media.
  • Outline alongside Project Managers, Creative Director and client principles; web strategy and content goals and develops best approaches for success through deliverables and prescribed UX techniques.
  • Establishes CMS architecture for content types, keywords, and webskins, connecting back-end development and front-end design.
  • Prototype wireframes for internal and client review to establish site hierarchy and user flow.
  • Builds and maintains design systems and code libraries, prescribing to the Atomic Design methodology.
  • Direct front-end development, working as a bridge between designers, to keep branding on target, content creators, to keep message on target, and backend developers, to keep code manageable and lightweight.

2005 – 2010

Interactive Art Director — Athlon Sports Inc.

Web Design, Motion Graphics, Branding.

  • In-house branding for online web presence and on-site promotional materials.
  • Design lead for white-label online fantasy sports games for consumer brands.
  • Motion graphics designer and producer of weekly sports show and numerous one-off seasonal shows.

2002 – 2005

Web Designer — A.V. Imports Inc.

Web Design, Product Design, Display Design.

Designer of digital products ranging from websites, kiosks, and portables to support branding of independent wine and spirit brands.


2000 - 2002

Bradley Academy for the Visual Arts

Associates of Arts - Multimedia Design