Corey Snyder
Art Direction. Design. Motion.
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Hi, I'm Corey.

I didn't invent the internet, the mobile phone, or the magazine; but I do make them look good.

I've been an established designer in print, web, mobile apps, and video for more than ten years. A passion for web technologies, developing, and building multimedia art and functionality keeps me forever learning and growing. I would explain myself as a "hybrid", in that I am a designer who can also build things. I love working with consumer brands, but find joy in small and large projects alike because I love what I do.

I do marketing and promotional materials in a range of mediums to help companies connect with new audiences, rekindle stagnate brands, and reach higher levels of impression unknown before.

Tangerine Industries is the personal portfolio of designer Corey Snyder. Corey is an award winning Graphics Designer, and Emmy Award winning Motion Graphics Designer. Corey exploits the opportunities offered by digital media.
Some Work.
Athlon Sports Tailgate Tour (2009+)
The Athlon Sports Tailgate Tour took to the country showcasing the life of a tailgate with pre-game analysis, school traditions, fandom, and more. The 5 min videos needed a take to the road, fun feel intro to go along with the type of content it provided. The result was a 2D cut-and-paste montage accompanied by a nice soundtrack along with original branding and logo art.

View the work. | Athlon Sports Website.

Technology Used:
Photoshop, AfterEffects, GarageBand, QuickTime

Adobe Gives In To Steve Jobs, a Flash Epithet
If Flash was on its last breath Adobe seems to be pulling the plug and ending this now. But really, didn't we see this coming? Break-down Flash and what it does and I'll give you examples of something else that does it better. UI Animation? AJAX, Games? Apps, Design? CSS; and all are eaiser to develop and maintain.

The one area that is haning on, or was at least, is video delivery. Problem is the world up and got themselves an iPhone dawning the new age of internet in your hand. You know 30-40% of the world accesses the internet via a mobile device? And the iPhone out-weighs them all. So no Flash for iPhone = no Flash. Its been a good run for Flash though, I started when 5 just came out. It's funny... If not for Flash the experience marketing boom would not have happened, and to be honest, if not for experience marketing, there would be no iPhone.

So I tip my hat to Flash, say goodby, and applude them for moving forward with Adobe Edge, their new HTML5 development platform, check it out at


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